Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

  • Welcome to ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds. The ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds is located in India at Delhi. By accessing ONLYINIDAMAKE Classifieds, you agree to the provisions outlined in this legally binding terms of use agreement.
  • ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds implements the entry and publishes it online.
  • ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds confirms the entry through an email.
  • An entry on ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds, referring to a classified ad, can only materialize/ be published online via the following methods:
  • Sending an email to the customer support team through the contact form should suffice. ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds reserves the right to grace period of 2 weeks.
  • The usage of ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds service is essentially available for everyone. A user registers on ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds by filling out the provided online registration form, any by doing so swears that the information provided is accurate and true. The registration progress is complete when the account becomes active. The user is obligated to promptly inform ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds of any changes to their account information.
  • ONLYINDIAMAKE website is an internet platform where users can publish and respond to classifieds ads. Users are solely held responsible for the content they submit on ONLYINDIAMAKE classifieds, as well as any consequences that arise from doing so.
  • ONLYINDIAMAKE reserves the right to delete the accounts of non-registered users as well as registered users whose account(s) has/have been inactive for the past 6 months.
  • The user is solely responsible for the content of the advertisements placed on the ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds website. The user is obliged to provide complete ,true and certified information about their person, contact details, business details(if applicable) and must provide sufficient descriptions in regard to the advertisement being placed. The user agrees to place their advertisement under the correct category within the website.
  • ONLYINDIAMAKE has the right to block, delete or freeze , accounts or memberships that are deemed to contain prohibited content.
  • The user shall be informed about new invoices via an email that provides a link to the users ‘’my ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds” account. The invoices can then be downloaded from this page.ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds ensures the protection of the user by sending these emails only to the registered email address on ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds.
  • onlyindamake classifieds user may at any time modify or delete their advertisement.
  • onlyindiamake user has the right to demand the removal or deletion of the users own ads from the website.ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds shall be ready to comply with this request immediately. However due to technical reasons, this usually takes a period of upto 24 hours.
  • The disclosure of login details and passwords to third parties, including ONLYINIDAMAKE classifieds is prohibited.
  • Questions, remarks and complaints may be sent to us through our contact form.